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Who The Hell Will They Draft? Virginia Tech WR, Jarrett Boykin

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This offseason, the Colts will have to address their need(s) at wide receiver. With the second round pick slated for a hefty NT and the secondary concerns coming to a head directly after, the Colts will need to look to the later rounds for a play maker on offense.

Jarrett Boykin of Virginia Tech isn't the flashiest name on the board---as some like to cling to tightly---or one of the most impressive, but his knack for the ball should at least catch the attention of the Colts. Boykin is leaving college as Virginia Tech's all-time leader in receptions and receiving yards. In his freshman year, Boykin led a clearly lackluster offense in receiving yards (441) and was second in catches (30). A testament to Boykin's talent is his consistency. From from the moment he stepped on campus, Boykin has remained a dependable contributor.

Boykin has great size (6'2", 217 lbs), complimented by very strong hands, and a large catching radius (32 1/4"). In the red zone, Boykin will find himself, using raw physicality to gain position. Boykin won't be blazing past any defenders (gains speed while in stride) and struggles to get separation, but he is perfectly ideal for the short-to-intermediate and outside game. Boykin also consistently produces when blocking, adding another element to counter his lack of speed.

As mentioned, Boykin's speed is clearly the most negative aspect of his game, turning in an underwhelming 4.74 40. Boykin's lack of acceleration will certainly limit his "game changer" trait at the next level, but Anquan Boldin was deemed slow (4.7 40), as well. And as we've seen from Boldin and many other "slow" receivers throughout their careers, speed has a tendency to be overvalued.

Boykin is all about size (aggressive mentality), impressive catching skills, and jumping ability. For comparison, he turned in a better vertical (36") and broad jump (123") than the former high-jumper from Appalachian State, Quick. Boykin is very reliable---started every game as a senior---and will likely come at a cheap price (early-to-mid fifth round). His game, fundamentally, is very sound and Boykin could ultimately serve as the poster boy of low-risk, high-reward draft talents.

National Football Post:

Isn't real explosive off the line but plays quick down the field, can get off press, separate and go get the football. Also, he will be able to make plays both inside and out at the next level and should be able to earn playing time at both spots in the NFL early in his NFL career.

Pro Football Weekly:

Big, physical, competitive, durable flanker who plays faster than he times and is capable of becoming a dependable, short-to-intermediate chain mover. Will have to prove he can separate, but aggressive temperament helps compensate for lack of speed.

Combine Measurements:

Height Weight 40 Time Bench Vertical Broad
6'2" 217 4.74 11 reps
36" 10'2"