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Peyton Manning's Arm Strength Is Improving, Throwing 'Much, Much Better'

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Peyton Manning's rehab is on the up-and-up. So much, that he's throwing "much, much better." This may not come as a huge surprise and I'd usually tell you to take this news with a grain of salt, but this positive take happens to be courtesy of the Indy Star's very own, Bob "Noodle Arm" Kravitz.

Kravitz pointed out that this "leak" wasn't being pushed by the Manning camp, as some were inclined to believe. This also means that Jim Irsay won't need to one-up Manning. This time.

Needless to say, this is very good news for the 36-year-old, four-time MVP's football future, if accurate. Not only is he still improving, but the timing couldn't come at a better juncture---I just got a strong whiff of fresh money---for the Manning P.R. push. We are only six days away from "P-Day" and while many believe Irsay has already made his franchise-altering decision, Manning's consistent ability to improve could be the proverbial wrench that clumsily falls into the gears of the Indianapolis machine.

I think we're all tired of debating about what the Colts should or could do. We've heard that Manning has a "noodle arm" (not letting this go, Bob), that he's retiring, that Irsay has finally seized control of the franchise from Manning (whatever that means), and a bunch of other mind-numbing information. However, the constant theme that we've heard from people who were/are actually in-tune with Manning and his recovery (Bill Polian, Jeff Saturday, Adam Vinatieri), is that he will be back in 2012.

I think you all know that I hope, with every ounce of my blue-colored football heart, that #18 remains a Colt. But, regardless of what any of us want, including Irsay, one simple fact remains: Football needs Peyton Manning back in the saddle.

And if you're a football fan, this news should make your day a little brighter.