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SB Nation Talks Saints Bounty Punishments, Banning Of Gregg Williams

I was a guest yesterday at SB Nation Studios (@sbnstudios) to talk about the unprecedented punishment the NFL handed down to the Saints, their coaching staff, and former-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Watch the segment to hear (and see) my opinions on this.

One thing we did not discuss in the segment, which I will address here, is how this punishment affects the legitimacy of the Saints Super Bowl win in 2010. Obviously, the bounty system and the dirty play that Williams, head coach Sean Payton, and general manager Mickey Loomis all either organized or encouraged played a big part in the Saints defeating the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. They probably do not even make the Super Bowl that year, considering players were reportedly paid to injure Brett Favre in the NFC Championship Game that season.

The bounty scandal does tarnish the Saints win. There is no doubting that. However, I am glad the NFL didn't do something drastic and take away New Orleans' Super Bowl victory. That would have gone too far. While I do not think a * belongs next to their win, I think a black mark is more appropriate. There is a difference between the two.

Also, I don't think it is a stretch to say that Gregg Williams' bounty system played a big part in the neck injury that kept Peyton Manning out of the 2011 season. Thus, for that reason alone, I'm glad the man was banned. He's a disgrace to his profession and to the NFL. He should never be reinstated. That is my opinion.

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