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Andrew Luck Is Still Andrew Luck, Thoroughly Impresses At Pro Day

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If you were able to catch Andrew Luck's Pro Day in Palo Alto, you probably came away even more excited about the potential of the Colts next franchise quarterback. Throwing to Chris Owusu (who was also impressive overall), Coby Fleener, Griff Whalen, and Jeremy Stewart, Luck tossed a total of 51 passes and connected on all but one, with two official drops (Fleener and Owusu).

The short passes were a gimme, but Luck flashed his underrated and extremely fluid mobility on multiple throws. When forced to make a second move by his quarterback coach, George Whitfield, Luck was quick and showed some very nice bursts. This was arguably the most impressive aspect of Luck's workout, at least for me. I expected everything else, but I wanted to see him on the move and he delivered.

However, I did not expect the final pass we saw from Luck. I'm not sure anyone did. After he completed his planned workout, the scouts asked if he would switch directions. Luck quickly obliged and dropped some jaws in the process: Tossing one, approximately 70-yard pass to Owusu, which he dropped. This was absolutely Luck's way of saying, "Anyone still want doubt my arm strength?" Phil Simms can go ahead and call Luck to apologize.

His touch was spectacular and the velocity was there when needed. Overall, this workout just solidified what everyone already knew: Andrew Luck is going #1 and for good reason.

Be excited for 2012, Colts fans. Very excited.