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Colts Sign Free Agent Wide Receiver Donnie Avery

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After Pierre Garcon signed with Washington, the Colts wide receiver core was about as threatening as a church mouse. But thankfully, Reggie Wayne re-signed. Now, in an effort to add more depth, the Colts have signed the 27-year-old former Tennessee and St. Louis wide receiver, Donnie Avery.

Avery had two solid years with the Rams, grabbing 53 receptions for 674 yards and 3 scores in his rookie year and 47 receptions for 589 yards and 5 scores in 2009. In 2010, Avery tore his ACL and was released by the Rams following the season. He signed with the Titans for 2011 and was a minimal contributor to say the least, starting 8 games and only catching three passes for 45 yards.

So, while this signing doesn't scream "AWESOME!", it does bring another solid move by the new regime. With our former burner now in Washington, Avery should bring some of that back to the Colts. At his Pro Day, he ran a 4.27 40 and even after his knee injury, I think it's safe to say he has a little turbo juice left.