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VIDEO Erin Sharoni And Brad Wells Talk Parcells At SBN Studios

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Some of you might know Erin Sharoni from her work at NBC, working with Darren Rovell. She now also works with SB Nation, handling the sports news-related stories for the YouTube Channel. Her job also involves asking "experts," like me, about NFL-related news and topics.

In case you readers didn't know, this is part of my new job at SB Nation. Smart, attractive people (yes, I include Dan Rubinstein and Matt Ufford in that group along with Erin) ask me what I think about football.

In this segment, Erin and I discuss recently suspended Saints head coach Sean Payton and his desire to have his mentor, Bill Parcells, coach the Saints in 2012. Parcells' name has been in the news a great deal recently not just with the Saints story, but with the Peyton Manning free agent derby as well. According to SI's Peter King, Manning phoned Parcells just prior to picking the Broncoss as his free agent destination, asking his trusted advice.

Anyway, here's Erin and I talking Saints. Enjoy.

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