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NFL Owners Vote To Change Regular Season Overtime Rule

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In 2010, the NFL owners voted to change to overtime scoring rule for the playoffs. The new rule in 2010 allowed for a team that lost the opening coin flip to receive the ball should the team that won the coin flip score on a field goal in overtime on the opening drive. Prior to this rule, O.T. in the playoffs was "sudden death." The team that scored first, field goal or touchdown, won the game.

In this year's NFL owners meeting, the power brokers that own the NFL have officially passed another rules change pertaining to O.T., announcing that the new 'modified sudden death' O.T. rule would apply to regular season games as well as playoff games.

Thus, we now have consistent O.T. scoring rules for both the regular season and the playoffs, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Personally, I was in favor of either set of rules. What always bothered me was that there was one set of rules for the regular season and another for the playoffs. This sent the idiotic message that playoff games were important to "get right," and regular season games were an after thought. Glad the owners pulled their heads from their rear ends and made the rules consistent.

For a full and detailed explanation of the rule as it was passed in 2010, check here at