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Coach Dungy Still Would Take RG3 Over Luck

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Less than sixty seconds after I posted this article regarding the nontroversy that is Robert Griffin III > Andrew Luck, former Colts head coach Tony Dungy sent out this tweet:

As I stated in my article earlier today, I don't dismiss the opinions of someone like Dungy. However, I could not help but notice the inconsistency of his tweet. It just didn't make logical sense to me. So, I responded:

Seems logical, right? "Harder to defend" is a label I would apply to someone that is "better" than another player who is, in comparison, easier to defend. Coach Dungy didn't seem to take issue with my response, but he did feel that it warranted a reply.

Here was coach Dungy's response to me on Twitter:

Again, I respect Coach Dungy and his opinions, but I really don't know what he's getting at with this response. If he feels that Elway was harder to defend, then YES! He was better than Dan Marino.

Harder to defend = better

That is essentially what I responded back to coach.

I like Coach Dungy both as a football man and as a person. I've never met him, but I know many who have, and they all say there is not a phoney bone in Dungy's entire body. Genuine person. No pretense. Such people are ones I respect, admire, and enjoy being around.

However, if he is truly trying to convince people that he doesn't believe RG3 is a better prospect, then telling folks that RG3 is "harder to defend" isn't helping him make his case. Also, why would he draft a player he thinks isn't a better prospect? Saying "I don't know if RG3 is better prospect than Luck" in one breath and in the next saying he'd draft RG3 because he's harder to defend comes off as talking out of both ends of one's mouth.

It reads as if he doesn't want to offend or take a real side in this thing, which is a tad annoying and doesn't make sense to me.