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Dallas Clark's Career Might Be Over

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(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
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The old adage in the business that is the NFL is this: If, after the start of free agency to the beginning of the March owners meeting, you haven't signed a new deal with a team, you are either done or you're going to sign a one-year deal, vet-minimum deal.

So, what do it think it means when Jacob Tamme has a new contract and Dallas Clark does not?

Tamme, who has always been Clark's back-up, and who is clearly an inferior tight end when all is said and done, has three-year, $9 million contract with Denver. Meanwhile, Clark hasn't even gotten a sniff.

I mean, nothing.

This leads inquiring minds like me to believe that Clark might be done. I'm not the only one thinking this either.


This tweet from Breer last week floored me a little bit. When I started tweeting that Breer was reporting via a source that Clark's career might be over (because he, you know, was), Breer responded back with these:

Clark was flat out cut by the Colts back on March 8th. He had two years left on a six-year, $36 million dollar contract. Last year, he started 11 games, caught 34 balls for 352 yards, and scored two touchdowns. However, last year Clark was battling back from a freak wrist injury he sustained in 2010, and it was obvious something wasn't quite right.

According to Breer's scout source, it really is not right. Since Clark was cut, I have not heard or seen anyone that is interested in signing him.

So, unless we see the Colts ink him again for a one-year deal, which would be demeaning for a player who was once as high profile as Clark, then he's done. If so, that's sad. Not sad from a monetary point of view. Dallas made a boatload catching passes for Peyton Manning for eight years. I just liked watching Dallas play, and if this is how it ends... well, sad.