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Colts Rep Present At Ryan Tannehill's Pro Day

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I am simply relaying information with this article. Nothing more.

According to CBS Sports draft analyst Dan Brugler, Colts quarterback coach Clyde Christensen is present at the Texas A & M Pro Day. Somehow, I doubt Christensen is there to scout the tight ends or the corners. He's there for one reason, and one reason only: Ryan Tannehill.

Now, I meant what I said in those first two sentences. Just relaying the info, and if you honestly think the Indianapolis Colts are going to draft Ryan friggin Tannehill No. 1 overall, I can put you in touch with a financial adviser who has ties to Dwight Freeney.

Obviously, I have no intention to bash Tannehill. By all accounts I've read today, the kid had an impressive Pro Day. He ran a 4.61 40, which, for a 6'4 222 lbs guy is pretty damn amazing. He completed 65 of 68 passes with with two drops. Tannehill also looked great throwing on the run, and likely caught the attention of some teams who need a quarterback.

Personally, I think Cleveland will grab him No. 4 overall. Colt McCoy isn't a quarterback, and it's pretty much a pointless endeavor to expect anything from the Browns in 2012 if they don't upgrade that position in this draft.

Back to Christensen and Tannehill, I hunch is the Colts are present to simply do their due diligence. Also, it's an early scouting report on Tannehill should he get taken by an AFC team like Cleveland or Miami.

[UPDATE]: Mocking the Draft tweeted me that Christensen could have been there to scout WR Jeff Fuller. Maybe. However, if so, why send Christensen? Why not send O.C. Bruce Arians or WR coach Charlie Williams?