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The Colts, Free Agency, Peyton Manning, And Curly Hair VIDEO

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Will Colts' receivers leave with Peyton Manning and is Matt Flynn the next Kevin Kolb?

Yes, we have another video featuring me, SB Nation's "NFL Expert" (a very nice, pleasant, and humbling title which makes me snort whenever I hear it uttered), talking about NFL free agency. Today at 4:00 PM ET, teams are required to announce which of their free agents they will use the "franchise tag" on. Who is and isn't tagged will greatly affect the free agent market.

Another factor that will affect free agency: Peyton Manning.

Where will he go? Will Reggie Wayne follow him? How about Pierre Garcon? Jeff Saturday? Anthony Gonzalez?

Dan Rubenstein and I discuss Manning and many other free agent topics on SB Nation's YouTube channel.

Did I mention that you should subscribe?