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Report: Peyton Manning Will Be Ready For Someone's Minicamp In 2012

SI's Will Carroll is one of the best "injury experts" around. Thus, when he tweets, twerps like me listen:

This news is on the heels of the recently leaked video of Peyton throwing down in North Carolina. As I noted on Twitter this past weekend, that Peyton has come even this far is a tribute to his toughness and determination. We don't know if he is "healthy," but he does seem "healthier."

Again, all this good news should come as no surprise. We are right up against the March 8th deadline. The Colts keeping Peyton means a $28 million dollar cap hit roster bonus after that deadline ($38 million towards their cap). Everyone and their mother who is closely involved in and following this story thinks Peyton will be cut. If he is, reports like these (and the video leaked last week) are critical to generate interest in his skills.

FYI: Most team minicamps open right after the NFL Draft in late-April, early May. If Peyton Manning is ready to practice by then... wow.