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With The Eighth Pick In The 2012 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, The Miami Dolphins Select...

Melvin Ingram - DE, South Carolina

Pick made by fpacheco:

The Dolphins have obvious needs at QB and RT. With the top 2 first-round-worthy QBs taken (as expected), and standouts Matt Kalil and Jonathon Martin gone too, the Fins go for a pass rusher here. As you may know, pass rushers are very, very important in this passing league. Having great pass rushers has helped the Giants win two Super Bowls recently. Jason Taylor is gone for good now, and the Dolphins need somebody opposite to Cameron Wake to disrupt opposing QBs. Ingram may be a little short at 6'2, but he's a proven All-American that would've been selected high had he gone pro last year. He was a crucial part of a defense ranked fourth nationally (playing in the SEC). I can also see the Dolphins trading down, accumulating picks and then taking QB Ryan Tannehill. Remember they also have a pretty good chance to get Matt Flynn.

Impact for 2012: The Dolphins are switching to a 4-3, so that means Cameron Wake will switch back to DE. Melvin has experience at both LB and DE, and he could be used as a Von Miller. Still, I'd expect him to start his career play passing downs at DE, as the team will have enough former 3-4 DEs to help them on running downs. Ingram even played inside pass rusher in college! Maybe he won't get 12 sacks as a rookie, but I'd surely expect a couple of big, game-changing plays from him. Just watch this play (

Melvin Ingram Scouting Report from Mocking the Draft

The Panthers, and cwhite916, are on the clock.

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 Indianapolis Andrew Luck QB Stanford hoosierstudent
2 St. Louis Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St. BigBaldRuss
3 Minnesota Matt Kalil OT Southern Cal TheSpear
4 Cleveland Robert Griffin III QB Baylor palco
5 Tampa Bay Morris Claiborne
CB LSU Azrael1987
6 Washington Trent Richardson RB Alabama broadfi2
7 Jacksonville Jonathan Martin OT Stanford Peter Storgaard
8 Miami Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina fpacheco
9 Carolina cwhite916
10 Buffalo BWhitecap
11 Kansas City Ty46
12 Seattle TheBeardedClam
13 Arizona Coltsfan1345
14 Dallas One.Cool.Customer
15 Philadelphia chad72
16 N.Y. Jets moptrepi
17 Cincinnati Guy LeDouche
18 San Diego ColtsFanFromHawaii
19 Chicago Team2 DaBears
20 Tennessee Addai Another Day
21 Cincinnati Guy LeDouche
22 Cleveland palco
23 Detroit Chopaholic
24 Pittsburgh emiller17
25 Denver muncie_in_this
26 Houston melvin shot out of a gun bullit
27 New England Jesse Schindler
28 Green Bay BlueVol03
29 Baltimore Prahasta
30 San Francisco Shastatmasta
31 New England Jesse Schindler
32 N.Y. Giants bobbyblitz