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End Of An Era: Peyton Manning Press Conference Scheduled For Noon ET

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Today will be one of those days the people of Indianapolis, and us Colts fans, will remember for a long time. Last night Colts Owner Jim Irsay, and QB Peyton Manning deplaned Irsay's private jet here in Indianapolis, and told local media stationed at the airport that "they'll talk tomorrow".

The Colts have officially announced a press conference today at Noon ET, seemingly to announce they are parting ways with their 14 year legend. You'll be able to catch the presser any number of places, including NFL Network,, CNN, any of the local stations here in Indianapolis, and I'm assuming ESPN as well.

In the coming weeks we'll dive into the decision that we all knew was inevitable after the Colts secured the #1 overall pick, but today should be for celebrating the greatest QB in NFL history, remembering everything he did for the Colts, the city, and its fans.

Today, let's remember the 'Laser Rocket Arm', and hope we get to see it again, albeit in another uniform. Just hope he doesn't beat the Colts too bad when he does.