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Who the Hell Will They Draft? JR Sweezy DE NC State

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Need a break from the most gut-wrenching day ever as a Colts fan? I know I do. Not sure if a draft profile will help, but here's one for you anyway.

With Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney now both staying in blue, one of the most interesting things this off-season will be to speculate about where they fit in the new Pagano hybrid defense. One thing is certain, more bodies will be needed to fill the new spots.

JR Sweezy could be one of those guys.

I will keep the pre-jump stuff short so to not take up front page space. Follow if you need a break from Mannin-geddon.

Check out all the profiles on the 2012 Colts Profile Page.

Sweezy played DT for the NC State Wolfpack and was productive doing it. He missed 4 games last season with a broken foot that was suffered in pre-season. Back in 2010 he was honorable mention All-ACC and had the best game of his career against Clemson recording 4 TFL and 2 sacks.

Some have compared him to a "poor-man's JJ Watt." I see that as a bit of a stretch. He would have looked decent to the old Colts D as a DT, but he doesn't have the size to handle that now. He would be a 3-4 DE and try to help work as a space eater. He could stand to put on a bit more bulk, and his frame can handle it (6'5" 298).

The big red flag I see with Sweezy is an off the field issue. He was arrested in March 2010 for misdemeanor assault and larceny on shuttle bus driver. He was asked to leave bus for being "loud and obnoxious" but the charges eventually dismissed. Then, in April 2010, he was arrested with three teammates for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. These charges too where dropped, this time due to illegal search. While both cases left no charges, it is a couple of red-flags that the Colts have normally stayed away from.

Onto so draft site breakdowns:

National Football Post - JR Sweezy

A tall, long framed defensive tackle who doesn't have a ton of girth through his frame, but he has the ability to add even more natural girth, especially through the base. Isn't the most flexible of defensive lineman, but can sit into his stance and gain leverage at times. Looks like a five technique at the next level in a 34 front. Isn't ever going to be a difference maker, but is willing to do the dirty work, can set the edge and shed on the outside vs. the run, and with a better job getting off the ball lower should be able to fight for playing time in years 2 or 3. - JR Sweezy

Sweezy is a big defensive line prospect who's versatility is the key to his draft value. He could play a 3 tech defensive tackle position within a 4-3, but by the time draft day rolls around, he could have already convinced a 3-4 team to take a shot on him as a defensive end. He could almost be considered a poor man's J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans and has the type of competitiveness to come in and hopefully pressure for the type of playing time Watt commanded. As a defensive end in a 3-4, he could be drafted in the late rounds but will pressure for a spot on a 53-man roster regardless.

Combine Measurements:

Height Weight 40 Time Bench Vertical Broad
6'5" 298 5.01
21 36"

My Take for the Colts -

My initial thought is that if a player with his height could add some muscle bulk working with a pro strength coach, he would be a great fit for the Colts. I do hesitate with the off-field issues. If he is taken it will surely signify a "New Era." He would have to be one of those UDFAs to come into camp and wow everyone to make the team for me.