Hello Colts fans.. P.O.D is doing a mock draft...

Hello I'm from the Pride of Detroit and we are doing a 2 round mock draft over there and I was givin the honor of picking for your beloved Colts. So I was looking for your opinion I know the pick is gonna be a QB that much is obvious but which 1 of the 2 is your fav. Will it be Andrew Luck or RG3?

Also there is no trading in our mock draft so that is not an option.. I don't think it would be anyways since the need for QB is so great here in Indy.

Also I would appreciate the sooner of the response the better. Since my pick is due in at 11 am est on Monday. And with my work schedule prevents me from waiting til that dead line so I must submit my pick on Sunday night. Now the way I will be working this is majority rules.

I will be re-posting to ask you about who you would like in round 2 I will also give you the results of our draft in round 1 when I re-post for the 2nd round.

So please leave me any comments of your opinions and who you would like to have... Luck or RG3

(I'm gonna try and make a poll if I succeed please vote)

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