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Scouts Inc. Says Colts Pre-Draft Roster Sucks

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ESPN's Paul Kuharsky recently recapped a Scouts Inc. report featuring five teams that need to have a good 2012 Draft. The Indianapolis Colts (2-14 last year, in case you forgot) were among the five listed.

Matt Williamson wrote the original Scouts Inc. article, which is only available to chumps that pay for content "Insiders."

This is the worst pre-draft NFL roster that I can remember. The Colts will select their quarterback and new face of the franchise first overall, so they do not need to address the quarterback position after that card is handed to the commissioner. But they need everything else.

I agree the Colts roster is pretty putrid overall right now. However, considering last year's team was 2-14, I think this roster is actually trending upward. Additions like Cory Redding, Donnie Avery, and Tom Zbikowski all help improve the talent. I also like the changes on the offensive line, such as center Samson Satele and Winston Justice.

Remember folks, these players are replacing draft busts such as Mike Pollak and Fili Moala. I'll take Zbikowski any day over another year of David Caldwell.

Colts players might not like hearing the term, but the franchise and the roster is indeed rebuilding. However, unlike previous years, it is doing so with a good mix of players. Gone are the draft busts that the former front office executives were too stupid and stubborn to admit that they screwed up on. Replacing them are proven veterans with talent.

I call that improvement.