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Filed under: Claims Andrew Luck Is Already The Quarterback For The Indianapolis Colts

Well, it seems is either:

A) Jumping the gun a little bit, or

B) Is tired of playing the meaningless charade surrounding the Colts obvious desire to draft Andrew Luck No.1 overall in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Either way, the website's presumption/revelation that Andrew Luck will be the Colts starting quarterback in 2012 is extremely interesting, and the attempts Irsay and the Colts P.R. department to "clarify" the website's views on Luck and the Colts should be very entertaining, indeed.

Here is what the website placed on the homepage for the Colts 2012 regular season schedule, which was released at 7:00 PM ET this evening:


Yeah, they aren't even attempting to pretend anymore. This is gonna be fun!

[UPDATE]: Seems they are doing the same thing with Robert Griffin III and the Redskins.

The whole regular season preview is pretty blatant in how feels about the Colts and Luck [emphasis mine]:

Andrew Luck makes his NFL debut in Chicago. Nothing like jumping right in. Once a month, Luck squares off against an elite QB. He'll hook up with Aaron Rodgers in October, Tom Brady in November and Matthew Stafford in December. We'll be able to chart his growth easily.

The Week Eleven preview:

The departure of Peyton Manning certainly will not diminish the intensity or importance of this rivalry. In fact, the addition of Andrew Luck could prompt Tom Brady to bring his A-game to keep the youngster from recording a huge win on the road.

Again, the worst kept secret in the whole league is the Colts not only will select Luck next week No. 1 overall, they made the decision to do so a long time ago. All the B.S. about them being interested in Robert Griffin III was just that. This team has been in love with Luck since they lost Week Seventeen to the Jaguars.

Also, drafting Luck is a big reason why Peyton Manning is in Denver now.

Glad to see isn't interested in playing games. Maybe Jim Irsay should follow suit. I look forward to his tweets denouncing the NFL's own website for making presumptive remarks about who the Colts will pick, or something equally mindless and insulting to your intelligence.