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Colts Have Decided Who They Will Take No. 1 Overall, But Won't Say Who (PSST, It's Andrew Luck)


General manager Ryan Grigson met with the media today as the Colts continue with their voluntary offseason training activities. Dressed down in a Colts hoodie (a Midwest Belichick?), Grigson told media present that the Colts have made a decision on who they will take with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. In fact, he went even further and said the Colts have known who they will draft "for a long time." However, Grigson did not specifically state who that person is.

The comments reinforce what everyone around the league has been saying for months: The Colts decided on Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck a long time ago, and all the silliness regarding "due diligence" and "process" was seemingly just to screw with fans and media.

Since the Scouting Combine, Indianapolis has attended Luck's Pro Day while also conducting a private workout and a three hour meeting session between Luck and Irsay. Conversely, Ryan Grigson did not attend Robert Griffin III's Pro Day (due to illness). Griffin has refused the Colts request for a private workout, and he has not met with Jim Irsay.

If you go to's 2012 regular season preview page, they've already determined that No. 1 overall selection will be Andrew Luck.

Grigson also stated that the 2012 draft is rich in quality offensive linemen. So, it's possible the Colts could still upgrade their o-line via the draft. They' already added free agents Samson Satele and Mike McGlynn. They also traded for right tackle Winston Justice.