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Jim Irsay Really Needs To Shut Up On Twitter, Suggests Team Needs Six Years To Rebuild


It's comments like these that make me shake my head and wonder what the hell is this man thinking:

Dear Mr. Irsay,

You just lost a rather significant chunk of your season ticket renewals. Your team plays in a market so soft it's practically Jell-O. Telling fans (or, at the very least, suggesting to them) that it might take six years for this franchise to win another playoff game might just be THE stupidest thing you could say right now.

In fact, it's so stupid that the media is pretty openly mocking you for it.

I've spent all day telling the fanbase we need to grow up. Our team's owner needs to do the same. When Irsay acts this colossally stupid, it is near impossible to defend him from fans who are turned off by his childish, LOOK AT ME! attitude. It also makes me feel like an ass for telling people, "Hey, you should support the team! Go Colts!"

Somewhere, the Colts P.R. department just slapped their foreheads.