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THE END OF THE JUSTIN SNOW ERA? Colts Sign Long-Snapper Matt Overton

Look, I could handle the Colts cutting Peyton Manning. I could take Dallas Clark getting kicked to the curb, or Jacob Lacey being told to go chuck rocks.

But dammit! I CANNOT take it if the Colts part ways with longtime long-snapper and persistent roster enigma, Justin Snow.

Today's signing suggests that day might be coming soon. Per his Twitter page, long-snapper Matt Overton has signed with the Colts (thanks to Mac's Football Blog for bringing the news to our attention). Overton spent two seasons with the Seahawks (2007 and 2010). He's also played in the Indoor Football League and the United Football League. Overton went undrafted out of Western Washington University in 2007.

Now, obviously, the Overton signing is probably just the Colts getting another warm body into the complex to work with the kickers during OTAs. Still, Snow is only signed through 2012. Cutting him now costs Indy very little. That said, Snow has been one of the most reliable long-snappers in the NFL over his twelve-year career. I can only recall one botched snap during his tenure: A punt attempt in the AFC Championship Game against the Patriots in 2004.

However, in Snow's defense, he hadn't had much practice snapping punts in games prior to that botched play. In the two Colts playoff victories prior to that '04 match-up with New England, the Colts never punted the ball.

Ah, memories.