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After Luck, What Do The Colts Need?

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The Colts have told Andrew Luck he will be the No. 1 overall pick in 2012. With Luck as the starter (I'm not even going to preference that with "presumed"), and Drew Stanton slotted in as the back-up, the Colts have filled their very desperate quarterback need this offseason.

However, what else is needed (or, better phrased, what is more prioritized) for this team going forward?

Prior to the news confirming Luck to the Colts, the priorities for the roster were as follows:

  • Quarterback
  • Nose Tackle
  • Cornerback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End
  • Safety

Fans often debate the third priority, saying tight end or wideout is the greater priority. I say corner because, outside Jerraud Powers (who is incredibility injury prone) the Colts don't have any credible corners. If Chuck Pagano wants to run his hybrid 3-4, he will need corners. However, someone like Mike Mayock of NFL Network thinks the Colts bigger priorities are finding explosive receivers, weapons for Andrew Luck.

Under the previous regime, we'd know the answer to this question: Offense. However, under new G.M. Ryan Grigson, I get the sense that the Colts might forge in a new direction. Grigson has bulked up the offensive line significantly this offseason with two new players via free agency and one via a trade. The defensive line has new faces as well.

As we all know, the Andrew Luck pick was Jim Irsay's, and Jim Irsay's alone. If Grigson wanted Robert Griffin III, then that's just too bad (I personally don't think he did). After No. 1, my sense if the rest of the draft is Grigson's to mold. Where he decides to go will be THE biggest Colts-related story in this draft. Even bigger than the team taking Luck.