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Jim Irsay Pretty Much Confirms Colts Will Draft Luck

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Yesterday, Adam Schefter confirmed the worst kept secret in the NFL: The Colts will draft Andrew Luck No. 1 overall. At that point, the normally sleepy Indianapolis media (once again caught with their pants down on a pretty substantive story) had to run around and get their own confirmations.

In the end, it's Luck to the Colts, the biggest "duh" news item in this year's draft.

However, despite all these stories and confirmations about Luck coming to Indy, including the Colts Robert Mathis also confirming the news via Twitter, not a peep from Colts owner Jim Irsay.


Not even some silly, cryptic, suggestive song lyrics.

Today, Irsay finally spoke up (via twitter, of course) and all but confirmed the news:

Also, per Evan Silva of PFT, former Colts president Bill Polian has been telling people that Irsay made up his mind on Luck months ago, a story pretty much confirmed by G.M. Ryan Grigson earlier this week when he said the team had made it's decision on the No. 1 pick some time ago. Thus, Luck was going to be Indy's QB even before the team released Peyton Manning.

The obvious question here is that even though everyone and their mother knew the Colts were going to take Luck (to the point where stopped the game and started including Luck on the Colts roster), and since it provided absolutely no advantage to the team one way or another to keep that interest a secret, why didn't Irsay just come clean and admit the team wanted him?

To answer that, I refer you back to a Bob Kravitz article from April 3rd:

If you're wondering why Irsay hasn't publicly committed to Luck, or apparently hasn't told Luck he will be the guy, then you don't know Irsay.

He loves to inject drama into a story. At this point, he's just playing around.

Yeah. Is it just me, or does this rationalization sound troubling? It's probably just me.