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2012 NFL Draft: Marvin Harrison Will Announce Colts' Second And Third-Round Picks

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Last year, the NFL gave retired players the opportunity to announce their former team's second day draft picks. Well, it looks like this will turn into a regular tradition because it's happening again this year.

Former Colts tackling mad man a.k.a. linebacker Jeff Herrod announced the selection of Ben Ijalana last year. This year? The great Marvin Harrison will have the honor of announcing the Colts second and third-round selections. Joining him to represent their own respective teams will be former greats, such as Terrell Davis, Barry Sanders, Michael Strahan and more.

Personally, I love that they're sticking with this idea. It not only makes the draft more enjoyable for the fans, but it's also a special honor for rookies to be able to shake the hands of former franchise greats as the venture into a NFL career of their own.

So who will be shaking #88's hand on Friday? Coby Fleener? Alameda Ta'amu? Alshon Jeffery? Janoris Jenkins?

Go Colts!