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Ryan Grigson Confirms The Selection Of Andrew Luck

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Jim Irsay confirmed as much in a tweet last week, but now Ryan Grigson has officially confirmed that Andrew Luck will be the Colts' new quarterback.

Everyone and their mother knew the draft was just a formality to bring in the Andrew Luck era, but it's nice to have a real confirmation, I guess. After all, I'm sure there were still some Griffiniacs who doubted the Colts plan to draft Luck. Unfortunately for those loyalists, they just look a little more crazy.

Andrew Luck is officially an unofficial Indianapolis Colt, ladies and gentlemen. And according to Chuck Pagano, Luck will report to camp after his June 7 graduation. Therefore, the most anticipated day of the draft (for the Colts) will come on Friday. As of now, the Colts plans are wide-open. Recently, Ryan Grigson raved about Brandon McKinney and Antonio Johnson. This could be due to the simple fact that building these guys up now will make them feel better when the Colts actually take a NT with the 34th pick.

However, it's also possible that Grigson really is confident that McKinney and Mookie can comfortably fill the role and will direct the Colts' focus to the offensive side of the ball in the second round. This is my preference, whether it be a wide receiver or the selection of Mr. Coby Fleener, should he be available.

Either way, the Colts ultimately need to surround Luck with weapons and draft guru Mike Mayock would agree. Make no mistake about it, this will be a passing team. Sure, it will have to go through it's phase of first-year hurdles, but elite quarterbacks that produce elite passing attacks are the meat and potatoes of this league.

And that's why the Colts are drafting Luck.