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2012 NFL Draft: Recapping Picks 26-32 In Round One


Stampede Blue is covering the 2012 NFL Draft from Radio City Music Hall in New York City April 26th-28th.

26. Houston Texans - Battle Red Blog
Whitney Mercilus | Linebacker | Illinois: The loss of Mario Williams will sting for a while, but taking Mercilus here is a confidence booster. Mercilus is explosive off the edge and should fill the hybrid OLB nicely in Wade Phillips defense.
27. Cincinnati Bengals (via New England, from New Orleans) - Cincy Jungle
Kevin Zeitler | Guard | Wisconsin: Not a flashy pick, but a solid one. Zeitler can step in and immediately contribute to a Bengals offensive line in need. This is a smart investment by the Bengals for Andy Dalton.
28. Green Bay Packers - Acme Packing Company
Nick Perry | Defensive end | USC: Perry is an outside linebacker in a 3-4 and that's exactly how he will be utilized in Green Bay. I'm not sold on this guy, as he has a tendency to be rather inconsistent at times. However, when it comes to rushing the passer, Perry can fit the bill. Dom Capers should be happy.
29. Minnesota Vikings (via Baltimore Ravens)- Daily Norseman
Harrison Smith | Safety | Notre Dame: The Vikings have lacked a real safety for quite some time, so this chalks up to a smart pick. Smith excels in zone and should be able to jump in and contribute immediately.
30. San Francisco 49ers - Niners Nation
A.J. Jenkins | Wide receiver | Illinois: With all of the receiver talent in this draft, I have to view this as a bit of a reach. Trent Baalke obviously sees something in Jenkins that he really likes. Jenkins can separate well and adds a reliable deep threat for Alex Smith.
31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Denver Broncos, from New England) - Bucs Nation
Doug Martin | Running back | Boise State: Martin should compliment Blount nicely and he's a typical three-down back. Martin's footwork is outstanding and he hits the hole with aggression. I like this pick a lot.
32. New York Giants - Big Blue View
David Wilson | Running back | Virginia Tech: Many people had Coby Fleener penciled in here, but this pick makes more sense for the defending champs. With Brandon Jacobs in San Francisco, Wilson gives the Giants some explosive backfield youth and an option in the passing game.