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2012 NFL Draft, Colts Select Coby Fleener With 34th Pick In Round Two

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2012 NFL Draft- Indianapolis Colts Draft Pick Selections

Round: 2

Pick: 34

Player: Coby Fleener

Position: Tight End

College: Stanford

SB Nation College Blog: Rule Of Tree

Stampede Blue Scouting Report:

Fleener has the potential to be a dominant offensive player in the NFL. As the Patriots showed last year, utilizing the tight end in the modern NFL (where safeties can no longer use their helmets to spear receivers over the middle) can carve up just about anyone. The 6’6, 245 lbs Fleener ran a 4.45 second 40 at his Pro Day. A windy, outdoor Pro Day! His hands are football magnets. He can jump. He fights for yardage and drags defenders for first downs.

Mocking The Draft Scouting Report:

Throughout the offsesaon process, Fleener has become everyone's favorite tight end. He's got impressive size, great straight-line speed. His strengths are evident. But Fleener is more of a receiving tight end than anything else. He's a little behind as a blocker and not overly elusive after the catch. Fleener is probably be the first tight end drafted, but he'll need to be put in the right situation to be fully utilized.

Stampede Blue's Initial Take On The Pick:

The Colts are rebuilding their defense this offseason, switching from a 4-3 Tampa 2 scheme to a 3-4 base front. However, despite these significant changes, they've used their first two picks in this draft on offense, and both of the selections (Andrew Luck and Fleener) are from Stanford. Despite more pressing needs at nose tackle and corner, there is no question that the Colts were thin at TE. Fleener is considered by many to be the best one in this draft, and he obviously has a strong relationship with Luck. This was a very solid pick, and it makes sense to help Luck by giving him weapons like Fleener, a 6'6 receiver with blazing speed and playmaking ability.

Draft needs remaining: Quarterback, Nose Tackle, Cornerback, Wide Receiver, Tight End

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