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2012 NFL Draft: AFC South Round 1 Recap

Here is a recap of what the teams in our division did in the first round. We should see these faces twice a year for the next 4 years, at least.

Since this is a Colts blog, we'll start there.

Indianapolis Colts - Pick 1 Andrew Luck QB (Stanford)

Finally. I had it engraved in stone when we secured the first pick. This was a no doubter. The strange thing is, as we listen to all the talking heads on mainstream media, they will gloss over this pick because it was so universally unanimous. I'll admit, I was one that didn't want to let Peyton go. I think I'm finally ready. Maybe it was seeing him hold the number 12 jersey or how he had his Mom put on his Colts pin. I am ready for the Luck Era to begin.

Remaining Team Needs: Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Offensive Line, Linebacker

Jacksonville Jaguars - Pick 5 Justin Blackmon WR (Oklahoma St.)

There were 6 players I considered elite (Luck, Griffin, Kalil, Richardson, Blackmon, Claiborne) in this draft. At the beginning of the night, the Glitter Kittes were on the outside of that top 6 looking in. It didn't take long for them to fix that. They traded their number 7 overall and their 4th Round pick (101) to the Buccaneers to move up to 5 and grab the top WR in this draft. This move, along with the signing of Laurent Robinson, has given the Jags a formidable receiving corps. I still have zero faith in the person throwing them the ball (be it 2nd year player Blaine Gabbert or Miami castoff Chad Henne).

Remaining Team Needs: Defensive Line, Offensive Line

Tennessee Titans - Pick 20 Kendall Wright WR (Baylor)

The Flaming Thumbtacks stepped up to the plate at number 20 and selected the WR from Baylor who plays faster on game film than he ran at the Combine. While my opinion is that this was a little high for Wright, the Titans will look to use him in a number of different ways. He could be featured in the return game and , if he can work on his route running a bit, he could be a legit threat for them. Just like the Jags, the QB combination of Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck do not scare me.

Remaining Team Needs: Cornerback, Defensive Line

Houston Texans - Pick 28 Whitney Mercilus DE (Illinois)

The Moo Cows fielded one of the best defenses in the league last year. It was aided by the fact they got to face the Colts pathetic offense twice. The scary thing to me was that they did it without former first overall pick Mario Williams. Because of that, Super Mario was allowed to leave for Buffalo via free agency. Houston wasted little time in finding a replacement. The pick of Mercilus is still a bit of a surprise thou. For a defense that was so good last year, offensive help may have been the name of the game. The three-man rotation that this will create with Connor Barwin and J.J. Watt is something to game plan for.

Remaining Team Needs: Offensive Line, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Cornerback

My thoughts for the Colts:

If the Titans or Jaguars see either of their QBs develop, they could be dangerous with these additions at WR. The Texans defense may have lost a stud in Mario Williams, but they replaced him nicely with Mercilus. I don't think the Colts can let these picks affect draft strategy though. The Colts have some many holes to fill that we need to go with BPA for the whole draft. If we get reactionary, we reach. Not a good strategy for us.