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Colts New Tight End Coby Fleener Excited About Catching Balls From Andrew Luck Once Again

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Coby Fleener was still in NYC on Friday at the start of the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft, his name not called the night before. However, when pick No. 34 came on the clock, the Colts opted to select the Stanford TE, pairing him once again with quarterback Andrew Luck, who was taken No. 1 overall.

Fleener had his moment on stage with Roger Goodell, and was then whisked away to talk with the media about getting drafted. When asked if Luck had given him any hints as to whether the Colts would take him at No. 34, Fleener responded:

No, I talked to him [Thursday] and congratulated him. But he and I both realized the Colts have their own plan, and it's not him choosing the picks. We were excited about the possibility, but had no idea until my phone rang and it was an Indiana area code.

Fleener was also asked if he has talked to former Colts TE Dallas Clark. Fleener said he had not.

He did, however, continue to talk up his quarterback.

He could tell you every player's job on the field on any given play. I think that will be the case in Indianapolis as well, because he is that intelligent to be able to do it and do it well.

VIDEO of Coby Fleener press conference (via Andrew Garda) at Radio City Music Hall