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2012 NFL Draft - AFC South Recap

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Chandler Harnish #12 of the Northern Illinois Huskies throws a pass against the Wisconsin Badgers at Soldier Field on September 17, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 17: Chandler Harnish #12 of the Northern Illinois Huskies throws a pass against the Wisconsin Badgers at Soldier Field on September 17, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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The draft is over and the UDFA wave is underway. As we get info about the undrafted players, we will post it, but this is to recap what was done with the picks we made during the draft itself.

Indianapolis Colts -

Round 1(1) - Andrew Luck QB Stanford
Round 2(34) - Coby Fleener TE Stanford
Round 3(64) - Dwayne Allen TE Clemson
Round 3(92) - T Y Hilton WR Florida International
Round 5(136) - Josh Chapman DT Alabama
Round 5(170) - Vick Ballard RB Mississippi St.
Round 6(206) - LaVon Brazill WR Ohio
Round 7(208) - Justin Anderson T Georgia
Round 7(214) - Tim Fugger DE Vanderbilt
Round 7(253) - Chandler Harnish QB Northern Illinois

The first pick for the Colts today had many saying that we spent the first 2 days on offense and were now going to concentrate on D. Taking the big NT from Alabama in the 5th is finding a BPA that fit a need. The rest of the draft many Colts fan screaming in the open threads. All of the armchair GMs felt like we were passing on other defensive talent that fit what we saw as needs, to pick more offensive weapons.

My thoughts are that the Colts did stick to their BPA strategy. Their BPA just didn't mesh with the big boards of the Colts fans. Grigson had a clear idea of what he wanted to do in this draft. He decided to build the offense around Andrew Luck first. While you may questions that strategy, I don't think you can question the execution.

The RB in the 5th is a strong inside the tackles runner like the Colts have not seen before. The tackle in the 7th has the football IQ and size to switch to NT and be effective, and then move back to the offensive side when a teammate got injured. Flugger is a high motor guy that will boost special teams and could fight for a spot in the 3-4 OLB rotation. All good picks that will improve our team.

The rest of the AFC South after the jump.

Houston Texans -

Round 1(26) - Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois
Round 2(58) - DeVier Posey WR Ohio St.
Round 3(76) - Brandon Brooks G Miami(OH)
Round 4(99) - Ben Jones C Georgia
Round 4(121) - Keshawn Martin WR Michigan St.
Round 4(126) - Jared Crick DT Nebraska
Round 5(161) - Randy Bullock K Texas A&M
Round 6(195) - Nick Mondek T Purdue

After a large amount of wheeling and dealing to move out of the 2nd round and pick up extra 3rd and 4th round picks, the Moo Cows had a very solid day today. Solidifying the OL with Ben Jones and DL with a great value pick in Jared Crick, the Texans improved in the trenches for sure. I really like the Keshawn Martin pick as well. He has a talent for finding a lane after the catch and will be a factor in their return game.

Overall, I must say that I think that Houston did a great job with their draft. They added pieces to increase depth and add talent. The pick of Mercilus to replace Williams in the OLB/DE rotation is a great one. Posey across from Andre Johnson could be nasty. The size of the O-Line with Brooks and Jones has gone up a great deal.

Jacksonville Jaguars -

Round 1(5) - Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma St.
Round 2(38) - Andre Branch DE Clemson
Round 3(70) - Bryan Anger P California
Round 5(142) - Brandon Marshall OLB Nevada
Round 6(176) - Mike Harris CB Florida St.
Round 7(228) - Jeris Pendleton DT Ashland

After a puzzling finish to 2nd day of the draft, the Glitter Litties didn't have a pick until the beginning of the 5th round. They went will an OLB that will struggle to get into the starting lineup, but could be a solid contributor on special teams. The rest of their picks are depth guys that may or may not make the final roster. I feel like there was talent available at all their picks today and they may have missed out on some.

Overall, Jacksonville got two solid starters in Blackmon and Branch. Both are at areas of need for the team as well. The idea of taking a punter in the 3rd seems absurd to me. I know punters have value, but the talent available at that spot in this draft leaves no doubt in my mind that they will regret that pick in the long run. I can't think of the kind of career a punter needs to have to justify a 3rd round pick. The purely depth picks in the later rounds seems lackluster to me too.

Tennessee Titans -

Round 1(20) - Kendall Wright WR Baylor
Round 2(52) - Zach Brown OLB North Carolina
Round 3(82) - Mike Martin DT Michigan
Round 4(115) - Coty Sensabaugh CB Clemson
Round 5(145) - Taylor Thompson TE Southern Methodist
Round 6(190) - Markelle Martin FS Oklahoma St.
Round 7(211) - Scott Solomon DE Rice

The theme for today's Titans draft picks is athlete. Each of tonight's picks is known for his athletic ability. The Flaming Thumbtacks started off today with a sure special teamer that may take some nickel and dime package reps as well. The TE from SMU has great size and will be a matchup nightmare. I like him as the best pick of the day for Tennessee. Rounding out the day with guys who have potential to crack the starting rotation in Nashville let's me upgrade their draft a little bit.

Overall, I am still not overly impressed with the Titans draft. I have made no secret that I am not a Kendall Wright fan. I also am not a fan of a 2nd round LB that is "allergic to contact." The athleticism that they added in rounds 3 through 7 is good though. I think those players will add much need depth with a load of potential. Their development is squarely on Munchack now.

A final take on the Colts draft:

Going into this draft, we all wondered who we would put around #12. We got that answer loud and clear. This year is about building the offense and seeing what we have on defense. The way I see it, we came out of this draft with 5 penciled in starters and 3 more at least rotational players. I can get on board with that.

I know many of you were looking for more defensive selections. Our defense this season will be so different that I have a problem even evaluating the talent we have on the team. Do the guys we have on the roster fit the new system? What is the new system? How much 4-3? How much 3-4? I trust that Grigson and Pagano have a plan for all this. I will admit, I currently don't see or understand the plan, but I am willing to give them some leeway.