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Colts Cut Brody Eldridge, Sign Another Quarterback

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You all might remember this little write-up after Ryan Grigson met with the media following the Colts Day Two selections of Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. During that Day Two presser, he made this statement:

Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson: "It's nice to have two legit NFL tight ends on the roster now."

The interesting part of that is 2010 5th round pick Brody Eldridge, TE from Oklahoma, was on the roster. Grigson's statement implied that Eldridge was not a "legit" TE.

Whether intentional or not, that comment was a shot at Eldridge.

Grigson was immediately asked a follow-up question after, and that question was whether Eldridge still had a place on this Colts team. Grigson responded:


Nearly three weeks to the day that Grigson said this, the Colts announced that they have cut Brody Eldridge.

His place on the roster will be filled by QB David Legree. With the injury to rookie QB Chandler Harnish, and Andrew Luck not being able to to participate in OTAs because of graduation requirements at Stanford, the Colts simply needed another warm body at QB. Enter Legree.

Back to Eldridge, this move is yet player from the Polian regime sent packing. Ryan Grigson also cut Joseph Addai, Gary Brackett, Melvin Bullitt, and Dallas Clark this offseason. Eldridge was intended to be a blocking TE or fullback. With the team drafting Fleener and Allen, along with their commitment to FB Chris Gronkowski and their need for another QB, it seemed pointless to keep Eldridge.

It also suggests that Grigson was completely full of it when he said Eldridge "definitely" had a place on this team three weeks ago.