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SBN Studios: Colts Dwayne Allen Is A Star At Rookie Premiere In Los Angeles

Photo: SBN Studios
Photo: SBN Studios

OK, so I've been out-of-the-loop the last two days getting over a nasty cold. This forced me to stay in bed, ponder all the mistakes I've made in my life (I'm sorry to my 5th grade basketball coach for mouthing off in practice), and watch YouTube videos on my tablet. This allowed me to catch-up on all the great stuff SBN Studios (Twitter:@SBNStudios) has been putting out of late, and by "great stuff" I really mean this content is outstanding.

As SB Nation editorial staff will tell you (especially if you buy them a few drinks), I am a stubborn bull when it comes to "pimping" stuff produced by the network on this blog. If I don't like it, think the quality isn't up to snuff, or if I just don't think it's relevant, I resist posting anything related to it. Hey, my job is to inform Colts and NFL fans, not necessarily to wave pom-poms at everything SB Nation does.

That said, the work turned out by SBN Studios in recent days has been outstanding. I've been doing more videos with them as their "NFL Expert" (a title Dan Rubenstein just made up as he would introduce me in the segments), and I truly mean this: There are some exceptional people working in that studio. Rarely will you see me get into the whole SB Nation v. THE WORLD stuff, but in my opinion the SBN Studio work destroys anything Bleacher Report does (and there are some excellent people at BR doing good video work). SBN Studios surpasses online content put out there by Yahoo! Sports, SI, and NBC Sports. That's just my opinion. My stubborn, inflexible opinion.

If you aren't checking out their content on a regular basis, you really should.

OK, enough gushing. On to the crap you care about: Colts players being awesome.

SBN Studios grabbed some great content from the NFLPA's Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles recently. I've been told by the talent and crew that the Colts' Dwayne Allen was one of the big stars of that event. Dynamic, engaging, funny, and relaxed, Allen took the microphone away from SBN Studios Dan Rubenstein and Amy K. Nelson, and he started interviewing players himself.

The results were comedy.

Here's the two most recent videos from SBN Studios featuring Dwayne Allen:


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