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Colts Purge Roster Of Fullbacks, Sign OT George Foster

Remember when Ryan Grigson said back in March that the Colts would use a fullback in 2012?

Yeah, me too.

One week after trading fullback Chris Gronkowski to the Broncos for corner Cassius Vaughn, Indy has cut fullback Ryan Mahaffey.

The team is now fullback-less. Sans Fullback. To see the number of fullbacks currently on the Colts, click here.

Replacing Mahaffey on the roster is former first round pick George Foster, OT. Foster was drafted 20th overall by Denver (again, the same team Indy traded Gronkowski to) back in 2003. He spent three years there, then two in Detroit, and then one with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL in 2010.

To say that Foster has "bounced around the league" throughout his career is almost an understatement.

At 6'5, 338 lbs, Foster continues the trend by the Colts to get bigger along their oline.

As for the fullback position, with Gronkowski traded, Mahaffey cut, and Brody Eldridge (who was drafted two years ago to play a hybrid FB-TE position) released a few weeks ago, there is no one currently on the Colts roster who fits the FB position, unless the team plans to convert a DT or something equally stupid.