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Andrew Luck Colts Jerseys Selling Like Hotcakes

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Selling like hotcakes.

It's a really weird phrase, especially today. The late, great George Carlin summed up the oddity of selling like hotcakes in this monologue (at the 1:10 mark):

However the expression should be reworked and rephrased today, one suggestion could be that Product X is selling like Peyton Manning's jersey at!

From April 1st to May 28th, the Denver Broncos jersey with Peyton Manning's No. 18 was the top seller. No. 2 on the list was Tim Tebow, the guy Peyton effectively kicked out of Denver the moment John Elway inked Manning to a multi-year deal.

In a somewhat interesting twist, Washington's Robert Griffin III was No. 3 (and, to be completely accurate, the top selling jersey in the month of May, over Manning and Tebow) and No. 4 was the guy who (for all intents and purposes) helped kick Peyton Manning out of Indianapolis.

Colts quarterback and 2012 No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck.

It should come as no surprise that Manning is No. 1. The Broncos are the ultimate X-Factor in the AFC this year, and THE story that will dominate the NFL in 2012 will be Manning's rebound. Denver is fully loaded, and the expectations are Super Bowl. Anything less should be viewed as a disappointment.

Tebow at No. 2 also should not shock. Lots of (quite frankly) weird people seem to worship this guy even though he can't throw a football accurately.

Luck at No. 4 is surprising, at least to me. He's kind of unassuming and boring, especially compared to people like Cam Newton or Michael Vick. Don't get me wrong. I don't care if Andrew Luck is a media darling (like RG3 apparently is) or a grumpy recluse (as Raymond Berry was during his Hall of Fame career). If he smiles on occasion, acts like a champ, and (most importantly) helps the Colts win football games, he'll do just fine.