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SBN Studios: Andrew Luck Talks To SB Nation About Peyton Manning

This has been the oddest offseason I can remember as a Colts fan. The entire organization, from the top on down, has changed. I'd argue that it has changed for the better. 13% of Colts season ticket holders would disagree.

The man charged with winning back that 13% is one Mr. Andrew Luck. Regardless of what he says on camera, on the web, or in print, make no mistake: Luck's job is to replace Peyton Manning in Indianapolis.

Not succeed. Not be the "next man up." Replace.

He must be better than Peyton, or (the the very least) remain in the conversation with him and Unitas as the best. If not, fans will forever criticize the decision to cut Manning and draft Luck.

For me, that decision was a no-brainer. I'd take Luck over Manning and his four neck surgeries right now ten times out of ten. So would the 31 other NFL teams, the Broncos included. This is why (despite my obvious cynical nature) I am excited about 2012. So should you.

Recently, SB Nation's Amy K. Nelson got a chance to interview Andrew Luck, asking him questions about Peyton Manning's legacy, the challenge of coming into the NFL as a rookie, and the all important question of whether or not his neckbeard (or "neard" as it is called) will ever return.


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