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Greatest Indianapolis Colts Highlight, Ever?

Today, we're doing a post across all SBN football blogs about our favorite single highlight from a game, ever. If you Google "colts greatest highlights," you actually get YouTube list of Peyton Manning's greatest highlights (which should give you some idea of just how the Internet views current or former Colts players not named Manning).

Since one of my goals here is to talk up the greatness of the Colts (with or without Peyton Manning), I'll make an editorial decision here and state that the greatest highlight in Indianapolis Colts history did not involve Peyton Manning. In fact, he wasn't even on the field.

He was on the sideline, his head down, unable to view the action due to nerves.

The greatest play involved former Colts corner Marlin Jackson. It was his interception of Tom Brady late in the fourth quarter of the 2007 AFC Championship Game that sealed the win for the Colts. The pick, aside from putting the final nail in the coffin for the hated New England Patriots, also revealed to fans that Brady (long lauded for being "clutch") didn't have ice water in his veins after all.

Brady, like Manning, was human. In fact, since that Jackson pick, Brady has (amazingly) had to deal with criticism that he isn't as "clutch" as everyone once thought he was.

The Marlin Jackson pick was also great because it capped a run through the AFC playoffs that was keyed not by Manning and the offense, but by the Colts defense. They shutdown the Chiefs and Ravens prior to the AFCCG, and when the Colts needed a play against the Pats, Jackson came through.

It's worth noting that the INT was caused by Dwight Freeney getting pressure on Brady, forcing "Tawmmy Tarrific" to force the ball over the middle. Jackson played the ball, stepped in front of the receiver, and sent the Colts to Super Bowl XLIV (which they won).

Don't know if you agree or not, but, for me, "INTERCEPTION! MARLIN JACKSON! WE'RE GOIN' TO THE SUPER BOWL!" is the greatest Indianapolis Colts highlight, ever.