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Robert Griffin III Signs Contract, Andrew Luck Expected To Follow

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He wanted to have his contract signed on Monday, but that day came and went for the No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Baylor's Robert Griffin III. Instead, as Adam Schefter reported this morning, RG3 signed his contract today (Wednesday).

With Griffin inked, the expectation now is that No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck truly will sign with the Colts "soon."

Here are details of Griffin's deal, via PFT:

PFT has confirmed the deal is for four years, and that it’s worth a total of $21,119,098, which includes a $13,799,344 signing bonus.

PFT has also learned that the Redskins "blinked" on the offset language sticking point (read the PFT article if you really want to know what "offset language" is). This was a roadblock for Luck and the Colts as well. Per PFT, that roadblock has now been lifted:

[A] source also tells PFT that the Colts had been insisting on the use of offset language as to Luck’s guarantee. Now that Luck has obtained a deal without it (and given that the first overall pick in 2011, Cam Newton, has no offset language in his deal), Luck has good reason to continue to dig in — and the Colts can blink, and blame it all on the Redskins.

It’s believed that Griffin’s deal could help Luck in several other ways, given that Luck’s agent/uncle can now simply get a copy of Griffin’s deal and say to Irsay, "Just give us what Griffin got."

If PFT is correct, and there is no reason to assume they aren't, look for Luck to be signed as early as today.