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2012 Colts Training Camp Primer: The Undrafted Rookies

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[WA-KOOSH! Brad cracks the whip]

No, I'm not into Marv Albert-style foreplay, but I am open-minded if leather and ridiculously fake hair pieces are your thing. The whip is to keep mouthy little journalists like Andrew Mishler in line. He thinks he can come into my blog and use his Ball State journalism school trained writing talents to post objective, informative, and entertaining articles about the Colts.

Ha! Poppycock, I say! (mainly because I love saying the word poppycock)

However, much to my dismay, Andrew did what I swore I would never allow on this blog: He wrote objective, informative, and entertaining articles about the 2012 class of Colts undrafted rookies.

[Brad shakes fist in the air]


Whips and fist shaking aside (hello!), let's take a moment to appreciate the fine work Mr. Mishler did for us this offseason focusing on a topic that is, in many ways, tricky to get right. Since the draft, Andrew has done three profiles on specific rookies, analyzing the chances they have to make the final roster and how much they can contribute.

So far, the series has focused on defensive lineman Chigbo Anunoby, cornerback Buddy Jackson, and offensive lineman Hayworth Hicks. After the jump, take a peak at what Andrew has found on these three prospects.

Chigbo Anunoby, NT, Morehouse State


They might not be the only nose tackles to land on the roster, though. Chigbo Anunoby, one of the last reported undrafted free agents to sign with the Colts, has the size and skills to make his own argument to play as a Colt in 2012.

The Morehouse College prospect comes in with one of the biggest defensive bodies to put on a Colts uniform in years, weighing in at 324 pounds with a height of 6-foot-4. Only McKinney packs more girth on defense.

So we can garner this from the eye-test: Anunoby is one big dude. But can he play in the NFL?

Check out full profile here

Buddy Jackson, CB, Pittsburgh


If you're looking toward Buddy Jackson as someone who could fill a void in the Colts secondary this season, let me spoil your hopes early. It's not going to happen.

While Jackson may have been a player the late Al Davis would have fallen head over heels for, boasting impressive physical characteristics and workout numbers, he has several detractors that indicate he won't make an easy transition into NFL defenses.

His most glaring weakness is his experience.

Check out full profile here

Hayworth Hicks, OG, Iowa State


Visions of pass rushers driving Andrew Luck into the turf haunt me the more I think about it. Maybe Ryan Grigson or Chuck Pagano lie awake at night with the same fears.

But this isn't intended to be a doom-and-gloom article. There's just as much potential for this group to succeed as there is for it to fail. However, considering it's collective injury history and it's inexperience playing together, adequate depth will be crucial to the team's success.

Undrafted free agent Hayworth Hicks has a good chance of being a part of that depth.

Check out full profile here


We'll do out best to squeeze a few more profiles out of Andrew before he jets off to London to cover the 2012 Olympics. That's the kind of stuff journalists like Andrew get to do. I'm not bitter or anything. Really.