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Mike Jenkins Opens Cowboys Camp On PUP, Colts Trade In Doubt

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For months we're read and heard the rumors of the Colts practically begging Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to trade them disgruntled corner Mike Jenkins. As Cowboys camp opens in Happy Valley this week, it seems Jenkins isn't healthy enough to participate in practices with a team he clearly has no desire to ever play for again.

Dallas has decided to stash Jenkins on the Physically Unable to Performance (PUP) list as their camp opens.

Now, if anyone asks me or my cadre of slaves writers here at Stampede Blue "What's the PUP list?" I am going to reach through the Internets and strangle you at your desk! Didn't we get all the education we could ever want or need regarding the PUP list last year during the Peyton Manning neck saga?

Basically, what the Cowboys are doing is they are taking Jenkins and tucking him away until someone gets desperate and offers them a sweet trade deal. Jenkins isn't going to practice. Even if he were 100% healthy, I still think Dallas would stash him. For me, that deal likely would need to involve a second round pick next year. Once that deal is reached, Jenkins then needs to pass a physical before being taken off PUP. Then, he's traded.

Again, it's obvious to me and just about everyone else I talk to that Jenkins will NOT be a Cowboy when the regular season starts. Dallas has Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr as their starters at corner, along with Orlando Scandrick as the slot cover guy. That is an outstanding secondary on its own.

I still think Jenkins will get traded, and I think Indianapolis is the team he'll go to.