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Tony Dungy Returns To The Colts, Sort Of

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It's probably safe to say that when Tony Dungy retired from coaching in 2009, that was when things began to fall apart. Oh sure, the Colts made the Super Bowl the year after he retired, but that was just a one-time flash not unlike Bill Callahan getting the Raiders to the Super Bowl the year after Jon Gruden was sent to the Buccaneers. Dungy's absence left a major void in terms of coaching, public relations, and in player development.

Today, word came out of Anderson, IN (where the Colts are opening their 2012 training camp) that Tony Dungy will be returning to assist the franchise that he coached to a Super Bowl victory in 2007:

It's interesting that this request from Irsay is happening now after an offseason which saw the Colts owner fire pretty much everyone in the Colts organization that had any connection to Dungy, including the man Dungy groomed as his successor: Jim Caldwell.

Having Dungy at the first practice will certainly be exciting for some of the older players who cut their teeth during his time as head coach. Few people can work a room like Dungy, and few coaches have such a lasting impact on an NFL franchise.

Smart move by Irsay.