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Colts O.C. Bruce Arians Compares Andrew Luck To Tim Couch, Among Others

Wearing knee-high white socks LIKE A BOSS! (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Wearing knee-high white socks LIKE A BOSS! (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Side note: It's a welcome change to see assistant coaches finally have the freedom to speak with members of the media. You know, like real people. The previous regime had a strict policy of no media availability for assistant coaches during the regular season and the playoffs. However, if the Colts made the Super Bowl, then the NFL set the media availability polices, allowing assistant coaches the courtesy of talking with the media.

This was how I was able to chat with assistants during the Super Bowl back in 2010. It was kind of awesome. Tom Moore. Gene Huey. Great guys to talk football with.

This year, assistant were available to speak from the get-go. New offensive coordinator Bruce Arians showed up to camp decked out in more Colts gear than I've seen most fans wear to actual games. Gee, can you tell he's more thna a little happy to be coaching in Indy?

Anyway, during his meet-up with the media yesterday during move-in day, Bruce Arians compared No. 1 overall draft pick Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall draft pick in 1999, Cleveland's Tim Couch.

What... WHAT!

It will be offensive coordinator Bruce Arians’ job to bring Luck and the rest of the young players on offense up to speed as quickly as possible. Arians has tutored other young quarterbacks selected early in the draft, including Peyton Manning, Tim Couch and Ben Roethlisberger. Arians said Saturday that he thinks Luck has the best qualities of each of those quarterbacks.

"(Luck) has a little bit of Peyton, a little bit of Timmy Couch and a little bit of Ben," Arians said. "It’s scary how good he can be. I’m really anxious to see him develop and watch him grow because he’s got the best of all three of those guys."

Oh. Whew!

Arians wasn't saying that Luck will become one of the biggest all-time draft busts in NFL history, as Tim Couch was for the Browns. He was just favorably comparing Luck with the three other famous quarterbacks Arians has tutored during his NFL coaching tenure (Manning in Indy as QB coach back in 1998, Couch as O.C. in Cleveland, and Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh).

It's worth noting that Couch came out of Kentucky highly touted and with a cannon of an arm. However, he injured his shoulder sometime during his prison sentence tenure in Cleveland. Couch was sacked an astonishing 117 times his first three years (and people wonder why he didn't quite pan out).