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Colts Use Silly Ploy To Generate Interest In Preseason Tickets

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Look, I'm excited about the 2012 season, but not excited enough to buy preseason tickets. Hopefully, neither are you. We've talked a ton about "the 13%," dwindling fan interest, and Indianapolis being a fair-weather sports market, but none of these factors play significantly into people being disinterested in paying regular season prices for preseason games.

Preseason games are robbery. It's the NFL treating its fanbase like chumps. They fact that fans have to pay anything to watch them in a stadium funded with taxpayer money, let alone paying as if they were real games, is like waiter walking up to your table, spitting in your food, and then demanding you pay before you leave.

Even more insulting is when the Colts trying to convince you that there are a "limited number" of preseason tickets, and that if you don't act now, THEY'LL BE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Pro Football Talk:

Remaining season-ticket holders get dibs on Monday at 10:00 a.m. local time. The general public gets a crack at any remaining preseason single-game tickets at 10:00 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

The Colts haven’t disclosed the specific amount of the "limited number" of tickets. And while the ploy may help move a few more seats to meaningless games, it’s hard to imagine anyone feeling sufficiently motivated to pay regular-season prices to watch a rebuilding team that refuses to acknowledge that it’s rebuilding, and that ran out of town an all-time great quarterback who seems to be inching closer and closer to reclaiming his all-time greatness.

So, if you are a season-ticket holder, right now is your time to get your hands on these tickets. Tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. ET is when regular schmoes can buy them.

Why preseason games aren't free for season ticket holders, I don't know. Why they aren't significantly discounted over regular season games, beats me.

Look, for the crowd out there who thinks that criticizing the Colts is akin to 'hating' them, please don't feel too insulted if I don't give such ignorance the time of day.

For fans who get pissed that I bring up dwindling fan interest in the franchise (and the long term ramifications if that disinterest continues), please know that the reason I keep harping on this story is that there is a HUGE disconnect between what the NFL (and the Colts) are selling and what regular, average, Joe Sixpack-type fans can buy. When the product offered is practically an insult for the asking price, it is not being a bad fan to raise your hand and speak the obvious: This sucks, and something needs to change.

I have a story in the queue elaborating further on this. At the end of the day, there are two reasons why the Colts are resorting to these kinds of silly, transparent ploys to sell tickets:

  • Local fans with lots of money aren't interested in the team
  • Local fans who are interested don't make enough to justify the cost