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Chuck Pagano Says Winning Preseason Games Is A Top Priority

Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE
Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The culture change within the Indianapolis Colts has been both welcome and swift since Bill Polian and his idiot sons were given the boot back in January. One of the bigger changes is in how the new coaching staff seems to be view preseason games.

When asked by media yesterday where winning comes in on his priority list for the preseason, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano did not hesitate with his answer.


Really? Winning is top priority? Aren't preseason games "meaningless?"

Maybe they were to Bill Polian and his perceived stooge of a head coach the last three seasons, Jim Caldwell. Pagano has different ideas.

We want to find out about our guys, but we never step out there without the idea of winning. It's all about the team and winning in everything we do. That's why we came down here, today, to practice and get better so we can go win that football game.

Now, I'm willing to bet part of the reason Pagano has this mentality is because he is coaching a young football team with 40 players with either an R, 1, or 2 next to their names in the "years experience" column. However, I'm also willing to bet that, if Bill Polian were still in charge, the head coach would NOT list winning preseason games as a top priority.

Pagano also made it clear the veteran players will only play a few snaps. Look for Andrew Luck to get 20-25 snaps Sunday when the Colts face the Rams in the first preseason game for both teams.