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2012 NFL Season Betting Preview: Team Win Totals And Analysis

This is a video I did with Matt Ufford and the SB Nation Studio crew discussing NFL season betting lines for teams and the over-under for wins this season.

Basically, we had to pick one team in each division that we thought offered the best over-under. I did not pick the Colts. Their line was 5.5 wins, and I just didn't feel right picking under 6 wins for this club. I've told most people I expect 7 wins, but for me that wasn't the best (a.k.a., the safest) bet. Thus, for the AFC, the conference I covered in this video, I chose the Dolphins, Titans, Steelers, and Broncos. Check out the video to see if I picked the over or under for them. Matt Ufford picked the NFC teams, including the Eagles, Buccaneers, Lions, and Seahawks (side note: Matt is big Seahawks homer!).

I'll be doing more videos similar to this as the season gets underway. So, if you aren't sick of seeing my bearded, smug face, you soon will be.