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Redskins Selling Luck V. RG3 'Showdown Rivalry' Shirts Because They're The Redskins [UPDATE]


The Redskins are cute.

Dan Snyder, especially. He's just like a cuddly little teddy bear.

I'm going to enjoy what is sure to be the inevitable comparisons between Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck over the next few years. I'm sure the discussions will be reasonable, fact-based, and contextual.




Or, we could just start by saying the third preseason game featuring the Colts and Redskins is a SHOWDOWN between Luck and RG3!!!

SHOWDOWN!!! Like the OK Corral, only with footballs and at least one franchise with an extremely inappropriate name that disparages Native Americans.

Josh Alper of PFT pointed us to a Sarah Kogod posting the Washington Post‘s D.C. Sports Bog. Kogod notes that the Redskins are selling a t-shirt on their team website hyping up the Colts v. Redskins game as a "QB Showdown Rivalry!"



Alper's commentary:

While we understand that Luck and Griffin will always be linked by virtue of going first and second in the same draft, the idea of hyping up a preseason game between the two players smacks of an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill.

Or a mint, considering that the Redskins are peddling the shirts at $35 a pop.


It's cute. It's silly. It's typical Dan Snyder. Oh, and If I lived in the DC area and wrote about how much of a douche Snyder is, he'd probably sue me for libel.

NOTE: I have nothing against Redskins fans. However, this shirt is overpriced stupidity, and Dan Snyder is a schmuck.

[UPDATE]: As pointed out to me, it seems the Colts are selling these stupid shirts as well at their Pro Shop. Same $35 price. Maybe the shirts are an NFL thing, and the pro shops are just carrying them because it's the NFL's crap and they have to peddle it. I won't tell any of you what shirts you should and shouldn't buy... but don't buy this shirt. Seriously, you'd look like a dork wearing it.

Oh, and Dan Snyder is still a douche. Carry on.