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What NFL Preseason Games Are You Watching Tonight?


Here's the preseason slate:

Titans at Bucs

Lions at Ravens

Dolphins at Panthers

Bills at Vikings

Jaguars at Saints

Raiders at Cardinals

What interests you this Friday evening?

Me? I'm focused on the Dolphins game. I want to see how developed Ryan Tannehill is. He's starting, and he could play well into the second quarter. If he performs well, how can he not be the starter for Week One. Personally, I'm pulling for him.

Oh, and Megan Brown has a girl crush on Tannehill's wife, Lauren. No Megan, I don't think that's wrong. I think it is very, very right.

Another game I'm eying is the Titans one. Jake Locker is starting that one. I feel he has to win this job right here. If he doesn't impress, I imagine Titans fans would start to worry. I know I would.

What games are you watching, or do you have, like, a life and aren't as caught up in stupid, preseason football as I am.