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Colts Send CB Kevin Thomas To Eagles For LBers Moise Fokou And Greg Lloyd

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Gee, do you think Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson likes making trades with the team he was formally employed by?

Not one, not two, but THREE (somewhat) major trades have taken place this offseason involving the Colts and the Eagles. Now, by "major" I don't mean Grigson is swapping Andrew Luck for Michael Vick, but the players that have changed hands between these two clubs the last few months are reasonably well-known.

This most recent trade (reported by Adam Caplan) sent 2010 Colts third round pick Kevin Thomas and a conditional seventh rounder in 2013 to the Eagles for linebackers Moise Fokou and Greg Lloyd.

Remember how a few days ago we said that Thomas losing his starting job at training camp was really no big deal? Yeah, next time ignore us when we write that stuff, because it apparently was.

Thomas was always a "WTF?" fit in Indianapolis. He was an injury-prone, limited corner at USC, and that's exactly what he ended up being in the pros. The Colts were so desperate this offseason to find someone other than Thomas to play opposite Jerraud Powers at corner that they, among other things, made a trade with Philly not two weeks ago. Corner D.J. Johnson was part of that trade.

Maybe Thomas can find his niche in the City of Brotherly Love. Meanwhile, the Colts get some much-needed depth at linebacker after the season-ending injury to A.J. Edds.

This gives me yet another chance to point you towards my good friend Jason Brewer and his Eagles blog: Bleeding Green Nation. I honestly don't know much about Fokou and Lloyd except that Fokou's name sounds like it will be HILARIOUS to pronounce. Greg Lloyd is the son of former Steelers outside linebacker... what for it... Greg Lloyd. The two are reportedly estranged.

[UPDATE]: From BGN's Jason Brewer:

Lloyd probably isn’t going to be an NFL player, but if he was, it would be inside in a 3-4. So he’s probably worth it as a thrown in.

Fokou had fallen down the depth chart and was looking like a longer shot to make the team this year. He played SAM in Philly and just never was really up for it. I actually didn’t think he was as bad a lot of other people did, but he was obviously miscast in the wide-9 Jim Washburn installed last year. He was kind of a disaster there, but prior to that I thought he was ok.

Someone on our site said they though he could work as a Buck in a 3-4. So he may be useful in the Colts’ system.