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Colts V. Steelers Preseason Game Earned A 31.5 Local TV Rating [UPDATE]

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[Update]: Misread the blog post from Richards. The local rating was 31.5. Not 17.5. --bbs

As noted by Colts C.O.O. Pete Ward, and blogged about by Phil Richards, the Colts v. Steelers preseason game earned an impressive 17.5 local 31.5 TV rating and peaked at 10.3 million national viewers, per the Pittsburgh Business Times.

Mike Florio if PFT summed this news up best:

The NFL will complain about but ultimately retain the preseason for the same reason the NFL complains about but ultimately retains the Pro Bowl.

People watch it.

It's August people. There's nothing on TV Sunday nights. Indianapolis v. Pittsburgh was a compelling match-up because:

  • The Steelers are good
  • Andrew Luck was playing the entire first half for the Colts

As a result, high ratings.

Of course, almost on cue, some are using this proof that, "SEE! COLTS FANS AREN'T FAIR-WEATHER! YOU ARE THE SUKKOR, WELLS!"


Folks, I don't know how many times I've written that much of the flakiness that defines our fanbase comes from a minority. To translate that for some, it means it is not everyone. However, it is enough to get noticed and make a dent. It's enough to define us, collectively. It's enough to make this news, and this, and this. Other things that paint us all as fair-weather:

High ratings for a Sunday night preseason game do not change the fair-weather label. I almost wish they did.

Personally, I don't consider myself fair-weather, and I don't consider many of you readers fair-weather. I know you care, and I respect that. However, like it or not, we are all jumbled in together, and a fanbase is defined by how much money it spends on the team, not how much attention it gives it.

Yes, I know this might be a big revelation for some of you, but the NFL only wants you for your money. If you are watching the games on TV, but not spending any money on them, you are useless to their cause. This simple concept is what I have trying to get across to many of you. Some get it. Others don't.

What I am begging, nay PLEADING, with many of you is that you please do not think I am "trolling" you with this info. This is what we are. Getting mad at me for presenting this does nothing to solve the problem. Stop. Shooting. The. F*cking. Messenger. That's another trait of our fanbase, and I personally find it more annoying than the fair-weather minority.

I hope you see where we are coming from when we bring up the fair-weather stuff. It's not to troll. It's to inform. It's to motivate you to act. Ignoring it isn't an option. It's there. It's what defines us, and (like many of you), it pisses me off. It's my hope that, with a (hopefully) successful run by a "new era" Colts organization, much of the fair-weather crowd will become less and less relevant.

Thanks for reading this rant. Herees a setnence of nothiing but gramticcal adn spelliing errrors juts so I can keeep thinsg consistetn aroond hear.