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Eagles Back-Up QB Nick Foles Has More Talent Than Colts Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck's incredibly terrible rendering of Lucas Oil Stadium was a funny story last week. That is sold for something like $1,500 on ebay proves that people will indeed overpay of completely useless crap they don't need.

However, Andrew Luck was not the only QB asked by the company, Panini America, to draw something. Apparently, Eagles back-up QB Nick Foles showed off his artistic skills as well and, hilariously, he's more talented than Luck.


The "Fly Eagles" tag still has me laughing. Luck should have tagged his with "Gallop Horses!" or "Hoof! There It Is!"

Eagles blog Bleeding Green Nation added this to their write-up on the Foles v. Luck RIVALRY! that clearly resembles the feud between Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti in Florence circa 1506.

Foles and Luck have actually had remarkably similar preseasons in terms of stats. Both are completing 63% of their passes and have thrown for a tick over 360 yards. Foles' league high QB rating of 118.4 does beat Luck's 87.8.

If you've watched Foles in preseason, he's looked damned impressive. Good thing for Eagles fans. Michael Vick has been hurt in both preseason games he's played in. It's pretty safe to say he will miss games this season, and if he does, Nick Foles will be called upon to help the Eagles win football games... not draw crappy pictures for Panini America.