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My Big Fat Colts Trade Rumor Update, Fueled By Jim Irsay [UPDATE] Cross Off Mike Wallace

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As many of you know, our team's owner is spreading trade rumors on Twitter. This has people like me calling, texting, and emailing everyone they can get a hold of in addition to speculating who the hell Irsay and G.M. Ryan Grigson are looking to trade a "high" draft pick in exchange for a "SERIOUS Vet/Starter."

Well, we start by crossing off the obvious names.

OK, fine. Makes sense. I didn't think the Jaguars will cave into Jones-Drew's demands. Plus, trading him within the division, guaranteeing MJD will be highly motivated to kick the crap out of the Jaguars twice a year, doesn't seem smart.

Also, we have this bit of news from the Indianapolis Star's Phil Richards:

Another corner. Two days after Indianapolis traded with the Rams for Josh Gordy. The Colts also traded for Cassius Vaughn and D.J. Johnson. Regardless, getting a "SERIOUS" corner makes sense. Vaughn, Justin King, Korey Lindsey, and D.J. Johnson haven't exactly been been the second coming of Rod Woodson in preseason.

Who could it be? Let's cross of more names.

The Colts reportedly tried to get Jenkins this off-season, but he is still on the P.U.P. list with an injured shoulder. He missed all of Cowboys training camp, and has not played in a preseason game as yet.


"DRC" is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie of the Philadelphia Eagles. His name came up because of Grigson's connection to Philly. He was working in their front office when they traded quarterback Kevin Kolb to Arizona for DRC last year.


This is nothing against Cary Williams, but he does not strike me as a "SERIOUS Vet/Starter." Plus, as Evan correctly notes, if the Ravens were looking to trade him, they would not toss him out there in preseason, leaving him potentially susceptible to injury.

All these tweets leave open the possibility of a trade for Miami cornerback Vontae Davis. I'm still not sold on that. In the end, I keep going back to Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace, even though that is at odds with Richard's source.

Stay tuned!